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Atvs - From Smallest To Largest

  Kid atvs LLC was started back in Feb 2003, it was a add on retail portion of our powdercoating company. We had alot of customers asking if we would ever sell atvs or just continue to customize parts for them. My wife, business partner & I looked into some options & at the major brands to start a dealership. We were surprised at what the requirements were for a dealership with the major atv brands & even more shocked at the prices we would have to charge to get a kid or adult into the sport of atving. I guess you could call us thrifty, but it just didn't make sense to us to pay $2000 or more for a atv that was going to be outgrown in a couple years, it did make sense to pay 50%-75% less for a machine that would last the kid until he/she grows out of it & allow the parents to get close to what they paid for it out of it years down the road & come back & purchase the next size from us. We did alot of searching around of different mfg's of atvs & we came up with Redcat. Redcat seemed to be the best bang for the buck & thier warranty & parts availibility was 2nd to none. We signed up with them & got our first shipment of atvs in. Needless to say we were very impressed with the way Redcat shipped & handled our new dealership.

We sold our first shipment of 10 atvs in 1 week & we were hooked. We ordered more & more until we decided these things were so easy to put together & so reliable out of the box that we would look into shipping them to any customer in the Country who wanted one. Soon after that discussion was started. We have been actively shipping atvs across the United States for over 8 yrs now & the response has been great, we have many repeat customers & many referrals from our happy internet customers as well. My wife & I are active atver's & enjoy the sport with friends & family as much as we can. We also have a 7yr old son who is riding a 125 Utility Deluxe ATV now (and thinks he is faster than Dad already heh)& as soon as he can he will most likely be racing Atvs like Dad. We invite you to try the sport if you never have, also to get your kids involved in this growing & now a  affordable sport. Feel free to call us with any questions on any of the products we sell 866-kid-quad (866-543-7823).

Thanks, Jim & Tara


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