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Unison ATV Manufacturers Limited Warranty

Warranty starts from the date of purchase by the consumer for all Unison products. Factory covered warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase by the consumer on all power train components (engine and transmission components). During the warranty coverage period, Unison will cover warranted parts and labor only. Labor hour and rates will be determined by Unison Factory Standard Labor Rate Manual.

The warranty does not cover consumable and normal wear items or problems occurring due to lack of scheduled maintenance or consumer abuse. Any modifications to the vehicle that are not factory approved parts will void the warranty. Defective parts are subject to recall by factory upon failure.

Warranty Claim Procedures:

1. Warranty Registration Card inside the Owner's Manual and a copy of ATV Customer Waiver Form must be completed thoroughly and mailed back to Unison by the consumer or dealer before any warranty claims. Incomplete Warranty Registration Cards and ATV Customer Waiver Forms will not be valid for any future warranty claims.

2. The dealer is required to get factory approval prior to any warranty work and ordered parts. A warranty claim report no. will be given to the dealer by your Unison sales representative for any warranty claims.

3. Upon completion of warranty work, dealer must submit a Unison Warranty Claim Report and a copy of customer invoice with detailed description of work for full reimbursement. All warranty claims must be received by the factory within 45 days of warranty work completion for reimbursement.

4. In the case of any disputed warranty claims, Unison reserved the right to contact parties that are involved in warranty claims for further investigation or discussion of claim resolution.